Special to the Reporter

Eight Preservation Board members with appointments of two-year terms are charged with upholding the Districtís Ordinance, which is the guideline to the care and protection of the structures and buildings in the district.

Included in the districtís ordinances is upkeep and any outside changes to signage, colors, or structure changes to buildings. The ordinance outlines the procedures for changes applicants must follow.

The city codes office is charged with enforcing the decisions of the board.

The mission of the district is to first protect and preserve actual buildings and structures.

The second part of the districtís mission is raising the public awareness of preservation and our heritage and how vital this awareness is in relation to economics of city. More important is the awareness that these buildings are all we have to connect us to our past and they are irreplaceable. We are the caretakers of our history for future generations.

Editorís Note: The Preservation District will run a column each week, highlighting a historical building and answering your preservation questions.

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