Special to the Reporter

To many of us, going to a sports game or the Texas State Fair and riding a roller coaster is something we take for granted we can do. But for some it seems impossible.

At least, that's what some residents at Cherokee Rose thought. But thanks to an active Activities Director Cindy Wineskie and a great staff, those dreams came true.

This year Cherokee Rose residents got to experience a Rangers game up close and personal during a year that will always be remembered in Rangers history. They got to eat popcorn, drink sodas, soak up the sun and hold the famous foam finger.

Then the very next week they were told they were going to the State Fair. They were excited, but some were also a little dissapointed because what's the State Fair without experiencing the Midway?

Little did they know the staff had no intention of leaving anything out. So in addition to seeing all the exhibits and animals and sampling food, residents also were able to ride the rides. Everyone who wanted to ride got to ride. This included those who are wheelchair-bound and amputees. There was no way anyone was going to get left out!

The staff went above and beyond to make sure this was a memory that would never be forgotten and volunteering their time not because they had to, but because it was something that they wanted to do for the residents. The trip made life-changing memories for everyone.

Cherokee Rose is starting a "Make a Wish Come True" program because the staff feels when it comes to the residents, there is no wish too big or small that they can't accomplish. The memories in the end are well worth it.