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Happy New Year!

This year is already very busy and the year has only just begun.

I have just returned from the best four hours of basketball I have ever seen. The Hornets went head-to-head with Blum. They played excellent ball and were up against some pretty bad calls. The JV boys started it all at 5 p.m. and ended with a win.

Then the Lady Hornets plowed into the opposing team. It was nip and tuck all through the game and then they tied up at 31-31, went into overtime and lost by one point. They played absolutely fantastic and have nothing to be ashamed of.

Then the varsity boys played so hard I got tired just watching them. It was basket for the other, then basket for us, going that way all the way through to the last quarter when the Hornets began to pull ahead. They won 57-49.

Everyone definitely got into these games. Blum is said to be the hardest team to beat, and they certainly showed that. All of you Hornets should be very proud of how hard you played, and congratulations to each and every one of you for your sportsmanship.

Happy Birthday to Tyler Yunik, sweet 16, and many fantastic years ahead. Most of us can remember waiting impatiently for that special birthday to come around. Tyler, you are just around the corner from getting that driver’s license. Please remember to be very careful. I will be on the roads with you!

Kelly Hardin brought by a death notice from the Cleburne paper. He knew many of you would remember Larry Adair from the late 70s or early 80s when he ran a wrecking yard here in Walnut Springs located behind the football field. Kelly and Larry went to school together in Cleburne. He and his wife Shirley of 40 years had two daughters, Michelle and Tamra, who went to school in Walnut.

Larry passed away Dec. 30, 2008 at the age of 58. He and his family lived in the town of Port Neches. He was preceded in death of a daughter, Bobbie Boudreaux, a brother Jimmy Adair and his parents Lois and John Adair. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

I cannot let you off without saying that these last few weeks have seen some pretty strange weather, even for Texas. But it could have been worse, at least we got some good rain out of it finally. Call with your news at 254-797-8200 or e-mail rah991@valornet.com.

And like the farmer said when he fell from his wagon, “I gotta hit the road.” Have a great week.