Between family, friends, coaches and teachers, some children give as many holiday presents as they receive. Helping your child pick out great gifts can be tricky and often times, impersonal. This year, encourage your child’s creativity with easy kids’ crafts they’ll give as gifts.

Do-it-yourself handmade gifts are a growing trend, thanks to the popularity of sites like Etsy and Pinterest. 

“Unlike a store-bought present, a handmade present is a personalized treasure made by you!” says Meg Survil, general manager of the brand MakIt, which preserves children’s artwork on objects like plates and bowls.

Here are a few suggestions for thoughtful gifts kids can give this holiday:


Scrapbooks are a great way for children to show their appreciation for friends and siblings. They can create an interactive stroll down memory lane with pictures, cards and other mementos. Include shared interests and pictures of both the child and gift recipient together to truly personalize the present.

Art and Photo Projects

Immortalizing your child’s artwork or an adorable photograph is a perfect keepsake from your child. For example, MakIt will embed your drawing or photo into everyday items such as plates and travel tumblers you can enjoy daily. The products are nontoxic, BPA-free and made in the USA. Dishwasher-safe, they are also break-resistant, so they can last forever.

And don`t forget Fido! You can create gifts for your pets and from your pets as well. Learn more at or by calling 1-800-248-9443.

Themed Gift Baskets

You and your child can have fun putting together gift baskets. Choose a theme to reflect the personality of the recipient. If the basket is for a beloved teacher, an educational theme would be great. If your child and grandparent love to play catch together, a sports-themed basket would be ideal. Use your imagination when it comes to the theme and always make sure the basket is overflowing!

With handmade gifts like these, your child is sure to have the perfect present for everyone.