A 19-year-old male escaped serious injury in what is believed to have been an accidental stabbing Thursday, Jan. 24.

Law enforcement officials responded to the scene sometime around 3 p.m. and found the man, who was home sick with the flu, had accidentally impaled himself with a machete, according to Chief Investigator Darrell McCravey with the Somervell County Sheriff's Office.

The victim, who was not identified, was reportedly playing with the machete just before the accident occurred. He had left it behind, went to another area of the home and apparently forgot its whereabouts. 

"When he came back, he jumped over the couch and impaled himself," McCravey said, adding the machete stabbed the man in the groin area, near his hip.

"I haven't heard anything on his condition, but it didn't appear that he suffered any serious damage," McCravey added.

The victim was taken to the emergency room for treatment, and charges will not be filed in the case.