A Sunday afternoon fire displaced a family of three.

The residence of Frank Turnham, where is his daughter and grandson were also reportedly staying, was destroyed, according to Fire Marshal Dewayne Griffin.

The family was home and was taking an afternoon nap when a passerby spotted the fire and altered the family, Griffin said.

Somervell County Fire Department responded to the home, located in the 1500 block of FM 200 in Rainbow, just after 3:30 p.m.

Upon subsequent investigation, Griffin determined the fire was caused by the remnants of the family's lunch. He said they had grilled their meal outdoors. Although they took precautions, including igniting the grill while it was stationed on a concrete block away from the residence and using a vessel designed for grilling, a fire accidentally ignited.

"The grill had a large air intake in the bottom as well as a metal tray to catch any embers and ash. But the winds, which were not high, blew embers out of the intake and out of the tray," Griffin said. "An ember blew under the deck and underneath the home, causing it to catch fire."

A neighbor in the tight-knight community offered the family a place to stay, according to Griffin who said the residence was insured.