At Monday’s city council meeting, Public Works Director Jim Holder addressed several topics in his manager's report.

The water pumpage for December in Glen Rose was 10, 676, 000 gallons.

“That looks like a lot, but our water usage is actually down because of the cooler weather and right on target with our usual figures for December,” Holder said.

In regards to the wastewater report, the total capacity last month was 55 percent. Holder mentioned that Coy Dorries transferred from public works to the wastewater plant. Interviews are currently being conducted to fill the public works position.

Holder discussed the Lakeview Drive Project. 

“Basically, we’re curbing, guttering and putting new asphalt on that street, along with a short portion of College St.,” he said. “When the plans are ready sometime in February, we’ll go out for bids and move forward.”

At Oakdale Park, there are plans to screen the garbage dumpsters so they won’t be visible from the street. Plans are also underway for a change to the park’s entrance. 

“An architect had drawn up a plan for the entrance years ago when the city first purchased the park,” Holder said. “We were just trying to get some pricing on what that would cost to construct. We’ve got two quotes back (30,000-35,000) and I’m waiting on one more.”

Holder mentioned that he is monitoring erosion control in the weeks to come.

“In regard to storm water runoff problems in Glen Rose, we are monitoring that situation as it concerns erosion control anytime we have significant rainfall,” he said.

CVB Director Billy Huckaby mentioned that several groups have plans to host meetings in Glen Rose for the first time.  The Leon/Bosque County Rural Development Council will have its annual meeting at Oakdale Park in April, which will involve approximately 60 people staying two or three days. In similar size and scope, there will be a Texas Parks & Wildlife group meeting at the Expo Center this spring.

Poles are going up on Hwy. 67 to support banners in two locations for the PRCA Rodeo in March and then the Spring Bluegrass Festival in April. The CVB is also working with the Downtown Association to install a sound system throughout the downtown area.

The CVB has meet with the ranch rodeo planners and that event is scheduled for June 6-8. Huckaby hopes to add a competition or event to expand the weekend.

Oakdale Park Supervisor Jared Freels gave his monthly report, highlighted by an event called “The Gathering Place.” It will be held every Tuesday at the park. 

Freels plans to meet with local businesses such as Fossil Rim, Squaw Valley Golf Course, Brazos River Adventurez and tube rental companies this month in order to promote the park and provide incentives to come to Glen Rose. He hopes to be able to put an Oakdale Park sign on Hwy. 67. There were 15 cabins rented at the park in December, along with 21 RV sites and two facilities. 

City Administrator Ken West addressed the need for review on the personal policy manual for city employees.

“It hasn’t been updated in several years, and there’s some terminology that has to be updated,” he said. “It’s going to take some effort for the committee to get together and go through the document by chapter to get it back to council in a timely manner; we hope by April.”

He also addressed the fact that health insurance for city employees is going up 37.72 percent.

“I don’t have suggestions for how to reduce it at this time; we’re still working with the numbers,” he said. “What I think needs to be changed is that we see these numbers in advance and plan for it in the budget. It was a big shock to me to hear that number; it’s more than our employees can bear. We’re going to come back in February with a game plan, so to speak.”