Tigers may be king in Somervell County, but Bald Eagles could have something to say about that.

Tom Lile, who runs Brazos River Adventurez, was thrilled to discover that the Bald Eagle had arrived in his neck of the woods.

“We were out on an airboat when we first saw her last year,” Lile said. “She was nesting. We didn’t get very many pictures of her, and then she wasn’t here all summer. My understanding is that Texas Parks and Wildlife brought some Bald Eagles down here, but I can’t prove that.”

Brazos River Adventurez guide Rusty Howard took note when the bird of prey reappeared in the Mitchell Bend area.

“She got back in early October,” Howard said. “There is actually a pair of them.”

Interestingly enough, the male happened to fly over Brazos River Adventurez headquarters on Tuesday afternoon.

The female used to take lengthy flights when she left the nest, but no longer.

“She used to fly around the bend of the river and be gone in 30 minutes, but not anymore,” Howard said. “If you saw her once in the past, that’s all you’d see of her. It’s going to be interesting when she takes her young one out to fly for the first time.”

On Tuesday, she flew from the nest on multiple occasions, but never soared out of sight.

“You’re only entitled to screw up one time with them – bottom line,” Lile said. “If you make her move, she’s not coming back. That nest is her home; you could see how protective she is of it. She’s keeping the eggs warm and watching us.”

Howard has seen eagles in Somervell County before, just not of the Bald variety.

“You’ll see brown eagles down on the Brazos more often,” he said. “I’ve been around here all my life, and when we saw her last year it was the first Bald Eagle I’ve ever seen in this part of the country.”

This Bald Eagle family is fortunate to have chosen to nest in an area where kind humans appreciate their presence. A winter nest on the Brazos proved to be a wise choice.