While some community members are busy planning their Thanksgiving menu and checking off their Christmas shopping lists, others are worried about being able to provide for their families.

"There is definitely a greater need during the holiday season," said Max Bly, director of the Somervell County Food Bank.

Last month, the food bank served 190 families. There are currently 275 qualified and registered families, and Bly said more will visit the food bank in November and December.

On average, the organization feeds 120 families per month, in December, that number typically increases by about 100. 

The fact that there are community members struggling to make ends meet and children who do not have the benefit of school meals during holiday breaks, is not lost on food bank donors.

"That's what makes me love Glen Rose," Bly said.

On Tuesday, Luminant presented a $1,000 check to the food bank, but Bly said preparing for the influx of clients will continue throughout the season.

He said in addition to individual donors who support the food bank through monetary donations and by delivering food items, an annual event at Hammond's BBQ is among the food bank's top fundraisers.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Higgins family invites community members to enjoy a free meal. The event was initially organized to serve families who couldn't afford a tradition feast and nowhere to go for a meal and welcomed 50-60 the first year.

"Now, they serve the entire community," Bly said. "There is no charge for the meal, but there are donation buckets for those who have the ability to donate if they wish."

Last year, more than 530 meals where served, and donations ranging from pocket change to $100 bills were placed in the bucket.

"Everything people give on Thanksgiving Day is given to the food bank," Bly said. "Last year, donations totaled $3,600."

Bly said when the funds are used to purchase staples from the Tarrant County Area Food Bank, $100 buys approximately 1,000 pounds of food. 

An estimated 3.6 million pounds of food - meat and canned goods - purchased to combat hunger in the local area on last year's donations.

Another event that raises money is Bikers for Grub/ Organizers recently donated more than $400 following their fall run. 

"They apologized they had not raised more money, but were amazed to learn their effort would buy more than 4,000 pounds of food," Bly said. 

As Christmastime draws closer, Brookshire's Food will partner with the Glen Rose Lions Club for a food drive. Community members can assist in the effort by buying a prepackaged donation or purchasing items from the grocer's shelves and putting them in a collection box.

"Brookshire's then gives us coupons to give to our clients for a free hen," Bly said. "This community is full or really great, giving individuals and businesses."

And it is those same people Bly hopes will donate this month.

"We are in need of boxed stuffing, Hamburger Helper mix, cranberry sauce and chili," he said. 

Monetary donations can be mailed to Somervell County Food Bank, P.O. Box 3114, Glen Rose, Texas 76043 or delivered in person.

The food bank is open from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-6 p.m. every Tuesday to serve clients and others who need to apply for assistance. 

For more information, call (254) 897-2192 or email bly2max@valornet.com.