Hunter Ellison did everything he could.

And his 'everything' was enough to save the life of the youngest child of Pastor Brad Reedy and his wife, Kasey.

"Because what this little boy did, my daughter is here today," Reedy said. "We are here with all our children and not mourning the loss of one."

Hunter and the Reedy family were among friends and family members visiting the home of Dr. Michael Davis on July 4.

Davis, who introduced Hunter to an assembled crowd at Glen Rose Medical Center Thursday, said all was well at the gathering when he left to run an errand. When Davis returned, it was immediately apparent something had gone horribly wrong.

Reedy recalled the event.

"I saw Kamrynn-Rose bobbing in the water trying to stay afloat and a little boy who was lifting her up out of the water," he said, adding that the little boy, Hunter, was at the same time struggling to keep himself above water.

Kamrynn-Rose had entered Dr. Davis' pool without a flotation device and was first noticed at the bottom of the pool by Hunter.

As Hunter fought to keep stay above water, Reedy dove in to remove his almost lifeless daughter from the pool.

"About that time, Dr. Davis returned and immediately began performing CPR," Reedy recalled.

Kamrynn-Rose was rushed to the emergency room and toward a quick recovery. Reedy said she did not suffered long-term effects from the near drowning and loss of consciousness. And the bright-eyed toddler has since learned a lesson about going into the swimming pool.

"With my floaties," she said.

Following the event, Hunter told his mother, Jill, he did everything he knew to do in the emergency situation.

"His best saved my little girl's life," Reedy said. "So, I think it is good enough."

Hunter's lifesaving actions led Glen Rose medical professionals to honor him with an award ceremony last week where he was presented a plaque and taken on a helicopter flight with the AirEvac Lifeteam crew.

"Because I saved a two-year-old little girl's life," Hunter said.