One Glen Rose resident had a harvest he won’t soon forget.

Wesley Monk harvested a mountain lion, the first killed in this region in 12 years, according to Zach Havens, a game warden for Erath County.

Monk killed the animal southern Somervell County on Sunday morning. Monk was actually deer hunting when he realized the crows were making an abnormal amount of noise. When he went to video the crows, the mountain lion appeared out of the brush where Monk noticed a few deer in that spot the past several weeks.

The mountain lion was taken to Hoof & Horn Taxidermy in Glen Rose on Sunday afternoon for mounting. Once there, the animal was evaluated by Dean Marquardt, a wildlife game biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

According to Steve Leech, owner at Hoof & Horn, the large cat weighed 109 pounds and was 5-feet tall, which is normal for this part of Texas. The age was estimated to be 8- or 9-years old, and the mountain lion was in excellent health.

Mountain lions are a powerful predator and prey on deer and smaller animals such as coyotes and raccoons. The animal requires a lot of room – only a few survive in less than a 30 mile radius range. They are solitary and shy animals, seldom seen by humans. While they do occasionally attack people, small children or solitary adults, statistics show that on average, there are only four attacks and one human fatality each year in all of the United States and Canada.