An elderly Glen Rose resident lost his home to a structure fire Sunday.

But, the incident could have turned deadly, according to Somervell County Fire Marshal Dwayne Griffin.

Calvin Anderson, 82, reportedly attempted to use a propane tank to produce heat inside of his trailer house, located in the 800 block of Clay Street, but a disaster quickly ignited.

"The propane tank had a leak," Griffin said. "It burnt the house down."

Griffin said Anderson stepped outside of the residence just before the fire ignited.

"He is very lucky he went outside to smoke," Griffin said. "It was a single-wide home and probably destroyed within 20 minutes."

Griffin said Anderson lost everything he had, but is staying with family in the area.

"And he has received some help from the Red Cross," Griffin added.

With the weekend temperatures dipping into the 40s and winter approaching, Griffin said other individuals attempting to stay warm should exercise extreme caution.

"No matter it's size, you should never take a propane tank indoors," he said. "If you use Dearborn heaters, make sure they are throughly cleaned before you ignite them. If your house has a chimney, remember that it needs to be cleaned annually and before it's used."

Griffin also said fires are often started by stoves and other appliances as residents attempt to ward off wintery weather.

" I am sorry to say it, but we will see more structure fires, including some from people using their kitchen stoves to keep warm, as temperatures continue to fall.