A long time community member who served the city and county in various capacities passed away Friday.

Darrel Webb, who retired after more than two decades as a city employee last year, was awaiting a liver transplant when he succumbed to serious illness. He lost his battle at a Fort Worth hospital.

Prior to retirement, Webb served as the city's building inspector. He also worked as fire marshal and was a valued volunteer with the Somervell County Fire Department and served as an EMT. 

As the news spread Friday evening, community members began reacting to the loss of one of their own.

"He was a great guy who everyone loved dearly, and he will be dearly missed,"the fire department's Facebook wall said.

Meanwhile, a large network of people, who referred to Webb as a "brother," posted on Webb's wall testaments to his life as a Christian.

"Thinking about the life you lived today, I was reminded of your unwavering faith," Amanda Dubois wrote.

He shared his faith through service as a youth minister.

Through the last six months of his life, community members rallied around Webb, his wife, Katrina, and their children. 

In September, former coworkers hosted Darrell Webb Day, where funds were raised to help the family with medical-related expenses. Webb was able to attend the event, where the community's love for him was apparent as items were returned the auction block several times in an effort to increase earnings. 

In December, Christmas in Action made improvements to the family home when Webb released from a hospital stay.

The community gathered in Cleburne at United Family Pentecostal Church for a funeral service Tuesday morning and paid their final respects at Squaw Creek Cemetery where he was laid to rest.