Soon after being sworn into office, Congressman Roger Williams made his first official tour across District 25. On Monday, Williams, who was elected to the post Nov. 6, attended a meet and greet sponsored by the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce.

Williams (R-Weatherford) was sworn into office as a member of the 113th United States Congress on Jan. 3.

District 25 includes all of Somervell, Bosque, Burnett, Coryell, Hamilton, Hill, Johnson and Lampasas counties as well as portions of Bell, Erath, Hays, Tarrant and Travis counties.

In Glen Rose, community members had the opportunity to meet the freshman congressman and also pressed him on issues of concern, including gun control.

Williams said he is a gun owner and proponent of the Second Amendment right to possess and carry firearms and would "fight to the bitter end" to defend it. He also said there are representatives on both sides - Republicans and Democrats - who will also defend the right, and an executive order on the issue would not be enough to alter the constitution.

Williams called Vice President Joe Biden's task force on gun control legislation "a heck of a challenge." President Barack Obama appointed Biden to lead efforts to establish recommendations for gun legislation following the murder of 27 individuals in Newtown, Conn. in December. 

Williams said while the elementary school massacre was a serious tragedy, it should have spurred discussions on mental health and not gun control.

Meanwhile, Williams said he wants to turn the American scheme back into the American dream with government holding itself to the same high standards as business owners. 

"There is no level of responsibility," Williams said.

Williams said while he will be only one of 435 members of the United States House of Representatives, he will fight for issues important to the people of District 25.

"I want to be your congressman, not your vice president," he said. "I am not concerned with hurting feelings in the fight for what's right."

In December, Williams was appointed to serve on House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the House Committee on the Budget. 

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has jurisdiction over all modes of transportation - aviation, maritime and waterborne transportation, roads, bridges, mass transit and railroads. it also holds jurisdiction over other aspects of national infrastructure, such as clean water and waste water management, the transport of resources by pipeline, flood damage reduction, the economic development of depressed rural and urban areas, disaster preparedness and response, activities of the Army Corps of Engineers and the various missions of the Coast Guard.

The Budget Committee is responsible for developing the annual budget resolution, which sets forth levels of spending, revenue, the deficit or surplus and public debt, setting budget authority and outlaying targets for each of the 21 spending categories. It prepares guidelines for cutting programs to meet spending targets and holds hearings on federal budget legislation and congressional resolutions related to the federal budget process. 

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