City council member Dennis Moore has been nominated to serve in a new role.

In a 4:1 vote Monday, Commissioners Court nominated Moore to serve on the Somervell County Appraisal District board of directors.

The CAD board has the final say on the appointment, but County Judge Mike Ford said he expects Moore will be the only nominee considered. 

In presenting the item to the court for consideration, Ford said each of the taxing entities within the appraisal district has the option to offer a nomination, but they left the decision in the hands of county officials.

The need for a new appointee follows the resignation of Darlene Chambers, who also serves as county tax assessor/collector.

Ford said appraisal district code has recently been reinterpreted as saying the county office holder may not serve on the appraisal board since the CAD collects taxes for the county.

Ford recommended the nomination of Gary Whittle, vice chairman of the Somervell County Hospital Authority board of directors, who agreed to fill the role, but Commissioner James Barnard, Pct. 4, said he was aware that Moore and Rick Villa were also willing to serve.

Commissioner Lloyd Wirt, Pct. 3, raised concern about appointing Whittle with an effort - which is reportedly supported by the hospital authority - currently underway to petition the court for a May election on the formation of a hospital district.

Whittle previously served a six-year stint on the appraisal review board and prior to retirement worked in city administration.

Whittle told the court if voters approve the formation of a hospital district and he were elected to serve as official within it, he would not be disqualified from serving on the CAD board.   

Commissioner John Curtis, Pct. 2, said with three prospective appointees, the court should review its options.  

"All three of these folks are heavily involved in the life of the community," Ford said. 

"All three are very good choices," Barnard agreed. 

Following little discussion on the nominees, Curtis voted against the motion to nominate Moore.