U.S. Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX) recently spoke on the House floor to criticize the president’s decision to delay implementation of the employer mandate for only one year. Williams supports a full repeal of the President’s healthcare law.

“Nervous, concerned, complex, train wreck, third-world experience. These are words used by the Democrat authors of ObamaCare to describe their very own creation. Mr. Speaker, these aren’t new concerns – these are concerns shared by families and businesses across the nation ever since then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi rushed the bill through Congress so we could ‘see what’s in it.’ Now that the Democrats and President have had 3 years to read it, they don’t like what they see either.

“As a business owner and job creator of 42 years, I know businesses can no longer hire or take risks that would grow the economy. The President’s one-year delay of the employer mandate isn’t what businesses – or the economy– need. This only delays the meltdown that this complex government overhaul will cause.

“Business owners, parents, young professionals, senior citizens – all Americans deserve protection from this law and its mandates, its skyrocketing premiums, and its rapidly shrinking selection of coverage plans. Not for one year. Permanently. Let’s fully repeal the nightmare of ObamaCare. It doesn’t work now, and it won’t ever work.”