GLEN ROSE - Klu Cordova, also known as Kierstin Carrington, passed away November  2, 2009 after a long battle with complications from head injuries she sustained in her youth.

In 1974, she and her mother left Alamogordo, New Mexico for  Alaska. They lived in Anchorage, Wrangel and Juneau. Klu worked in  her mom's gallery Cha and for Foodland Supermarket.  

After earning her degree from the University of Alaska, Southeast, she moved to Austin and opened her own detective agency. She then started working for a non-profit agency PEAK, which finds jobs for handicapped people and she eventually became the vice-president. She found employment for thousands of people and received an award for her achievements from Washington, DC in 2007.

She is survived by her mother Cha Rnacircle, David Mirabile, William Mack, her uncle and Opal Mack, her grandmother who lives in Green Valley, Arizona.

Published November 25, 2009

Glen Rose Reporter