It is really hard to be called dishonest and unfair by people who have deception and misdirection on page one of their political playbook.

Donald Trump called out the media on Twitter four times this weekend.

The President-elect who led chants of “Build the wall!” during multiple campaign events for more than a year and repeatedly asked the audience en masse “Who will pay for the wall?” to a rousing reply of “Mexico!” has already changed gears entirely. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and he is already asking Congress to fund this wall across the United States’ southern border and send an invoice to Mexico for them to reimburse.

How does this man have the nerve to call the media terrible, fake and dishonest?

Which side are you on? Do you believe Mexico will repay the United States for building a wall they never wanted?

You can find out a lot about a person by how they discuss politics right now. Many people voted for Trump, and they would again if the only other choice was Hillary Clinton.

But there is a group of Trump voters who are horrified by the things he is already doing and alarmed about what he might do after he actually becomes President.

They voted for him based on one set of facts; Trump said he was going to nominate people they wanted to the Supreme Court and support policies they hold dear. They knew there was a chance he was a con man and would let them down, but Clinton was clear that she wouldn’t do things their way so Trump was their only chance.

I get that.

I also know that those are the people who have to be the standard bearers to ensure that Trump keeps at least some of the promises he made. Democrats and liberals are expected to be opponents. But people with character within the party — who supported Trump — are less easily ignored. He said he would drain the swamp. He won’t. He had a lot to say about a border wall. That plan is already crumbling.

He is only one bad decision away from nominating someone to the Supreme Court to further disappoint those who hoped he wouldn’t.

People of character within the majority party have to be the ones to stand up and make sure millions of Republican voters are left holding a bill of goods. That would not be a good feeling for those voters to take to the polls in two years for the midterm Congressional elections or the 2020 Presidential election.

Kellyanne Conway is a key reason Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in November. She gets credit for being a real straight arrow. Everyone loves her. I can see why.

I agree with a lot of her thoughts on Donald Trump — before he started paying her.

Conway called on Trump to release his taxes when she worked on the Ted Cruz campaign. When Cruz dropped out of the race and she started cashing checks with Trump’s name on the signature line, her tone changed.

Conway also blasted Trump for building his business on the backs of the little guy and condemned his harsh language and unpresidential conduct — but that was before she joined his team.

Now, she carries the water for a team that is worse now than when she opposed it.

Even Monday morning, she was asking cable television viewers to ignore what Trump tweets and says and instead see his heart. Somehow, she has convinced herself that her boss’ heart isn’t responsible for what his mouth or his thumbs communicate to the world.

It won’t be long before Trump moves into the White House. It won’t just be angry tweets at Meryl Streep and Barack Obama won’t be the guy in charge cleaning up messes Trump makes on Twitter.

Republicans of conscience have to stop going along with Trump to avoid the embarrassment of supporting a bad candidate and embrace the job of holding the new President to his word.

It won’t be easy, but it has to be done. 

Kent Bush is publisher of Shawnee (Oklahoma) News-Star and can be reached at