I used to think that bureaucrats lived only in Washington, D.C. and Austin.  Apparently I was mistaken.  Bureaucracy is alive and well in Glen Rose.

     Let me explain.  I am a part time resident of  Glen Rose and have been for 13 years. I spend only a little over six months here each year.

     When I moved inside the city limits in 2003, I entered into an agreement with the city that I would not be charged for certain city services such as trash pick up and sewer service when I was not present.  This agreement was predicated on my installing two water meters at a cost of $225 each, one for the house and one for the lawn. When the house water meter read 0 for any given month it was pretty clear that I was not present and I was charged only a standby fee for the house and the full amount for the lawn.

     This worked fine for 13 years until this past summer when, without notice or explanation, I was charged for trash pick up and sewer service plus a standby fee for water even though my water meter read 0.

     At first, the explanation was that the city didn’t have an ordnance to cover that and then that the city council would have to address the issue.

     Now, six months after the erroneous charges, and ONLY after I had to make a specific request as to the status of my claim, I am informed that in essence, the city council simply ignored my request, neither approving or disapproving it.

     I would expect this kind of response it I were dealing with a Washington or even an Austin bureaucrat.  I expect a little better from our local officials.

P.D. Hoskins,

Glen Rose