The White House budget released in late May was a cruel blow to the elderly and disabled. This draconian budget proposed massive cuts to Medicaid, SNAP and income assistance programs that the elderly depend upon. 3 out of 5 seniors qualify for SNAP. The Trump budget proposes a 25% cut in this food assistance program, slashing the budget by $193 billion dollars.

Elderly adults and people with disabilities make up the bulk of Medicaid spending, and the Trump budget will result in a $610 billion dollar reduction over the next 10 years. This includes money for nursing home residents. The Trump White House budget proposes eliminating funding for the Community Development Block Grant program, which funds Meals on Wheels. Many seniors depend on Meals on Wheels to provide a healthy meal each day.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps low-income seniors cover energy costs and repair broken air conditioners would also be axed. The Trump budget would also eliminate the Senior Community Service Employment Program, which helps seniors find work by pairing them with public and non-profit agencies.

Our senior citizens have fought and sacrificed for our nation. Contact your representatives and let them know that our elderly deserve better than the cruel cuts in this proposed White House budget.

Sharla Riddle,