This past weekend, I spent most of the day Saturday trying to deal with a puppy-related problem — fleas. I have been dipping my miniature schnauzer every time I turn around, but we still have fleas. I bought a high-priced flea collar and one of those products that you squirt on the back of their neck, but the bugs kept on coming.

Finally, I took Bella to a groomer and had her professionally dipped. And despite all of my efforts, they said she was so covered in fleas they had to dip her twice. Because of the unusually warm winter, fleas, along with other pests are expected to be worse than usual this summer.

While Bella was at the spa, I went on the offensive at home putting out flea killer all over the yard. That required a number of steps and most of my day and just 24 hours later, it rained which will “lessen the effectiveness” of the product, the nice sales fellow told me when I bought the stuff.

Now I have to do it all over again. I have a tiny little yard, I can’t imagine if one were trying to get rid of the fleas for a big yard.

After the yard, I had to tackle the crate and all of her bedding. Then I gave the hardwood floors a good vacuum and changed all of the bedding that she has been on in the house. She loves to sleep with her people so that required a whole round of laundry and bed making.

Finally Saturday night I felt like I had done it all. I picked up Bella and brought her home. She was sitting on the living room floor all relaxed while I watched television and then she started to scratch. I don’t know who was more disappointed, me or the dog.

By the time the weekend was over, Bella was resting easier, but I know that the fleas are all still out there. And I really hate to even let the poor dog go outside.

Happy birthday Monday to Diamond Banks, Noble Polk, Lakaydrien Harvey, Charlie Brown, and Kady Toney, all of Sherman; Dennis Bachman of Denison; Kim Burdi of Carrollton; Sherry Thomas of Telephone; and B.J. Jones of Buda.

Happy anniversary Monday to Bucky and Glenda Cummins of Colbert, Oklahoma, 58 years; Peggy and Vernon Harlan of Sherman, 25 years; and Bryon and Holly McCullum of Sherman, 9 years.