I sat on my porch in an old wooden rocking chair and watched the fog roll in.  It was almost daybreak and the days had been unseasonably hot.  However, for some reason this morning had turned off cool with a tad of north wind and the fog made it truly feel like fall.

I pulled my fuzzy wrap around my shoulders and used by cup of hot tea to warm my hands.  I’m sure winter is headed this way if only in an around about way.  The holidays are looming over our shoulders and suddenly; I was a bit reflective in my thoughts.

Things are in such turmoil these days.  Seems everyone is a bit distraught and caught up in these trying times.  I closed my eyes and listened as the pine needles dropped and the cottonwood leaves blew and I knew that despite the worldly conditions my little comfort zone was a good place to be.

I’m thankful, truly thankful.  As I look around I honestly and truly realize that any cross I might carry is small compared to those around me.  My challenges may overwhelm me at times but I’m blessed and know, in a heartbeat, things could be worse. It’s the little things that truly matter.

I am Thankful For:

My Precious Lord, for who You are, and who I can be through You.
I’m thankful for the precious blood of Jesus that took my sin.
I’m thankful for my country and the freedoms it represents. I’m thankful for the leaders of this nation who turn to God each day and ask how they can serve this nation better and keep it safe from those who seek to destroy it.
I’m thankful and appreciate of our service men and women in America—the military and the law enforcement—who lay their lives on the line to protect us. They go to work each day never knowing if they will come home and they die for the freedoms we enjoy. It is because of their blood, their commitment and their courage I can sit on my porch and not worry beyond my own idiosyncrasies.
I’m thankful for my family, my home, my job and my community and those who touch my life in some form or fashion every day.
I’m thankful for my life and the trials and tribulations that have made me-me! I’m thankful for my health and the fact that I live in a nation where there are doctors who work to help me stay healthy.
I’m thankful for my wealth, which is not measured in money or possessions, but measured in the friends, family and God I am so blessed to share.
I’m thankful for the bread I break each day that nourishes my body and I’m blessed I don’t have to do without.
I’m truly thankful all the blessings, miracles and challenges that take place in my life each day that I do not even recognize or understand. They are in place to make me a better person and my world a better place.

The wind picked up and the rolling fog covered the rising sun.  It would soon be gone and so would my reflective mood.

We all have our problems, be it family, community or country.  However, we are so fortunate. In this Thanksgiving season we only have to look around to realize it could be worse. 

Spread blessings to those less fortunate and help me to understand there is no weight to my cross.  We all matter and in this thankful season there are blessings beyond what we will ever see or understand.  

Melinda Clements is an E-T community columnist. She can be reached at melinda_clements@centurylink.net.