It’s always a mad rush. Hurry to get kids dressed and off to school only to have to wait on the school bus.  Hurry trying to get through traffic only to have to wait thirty minutes in the doctor’s office. Hurry and rush through the grocery store so you can get home and make dinner only to have to wait for the next available checker.

As the Christmas season comes upon us perhaps we need to stop a moment and embrace this special time of year. We are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season we may be missing the most important part.

It isn’t about fast and furious.  It isn’t about presents.  It isn’t about decorations, Santa Claus and snow.  It is about using wait time to make a memory.  It’s about reminiscing and remembering Christmas bells, snowflakes and a hug from your grandmother.  It’s about seeing the wonder of life in the eyes of your children and knowing that traditions and love are important.  It’s remembering your mom and her laughter in the kitchen and your dad sneaking presents to the basement. 

If you speed through it you will miss it.  The wait is the most important part because it slows you down to focus on what matters. 

I recently spent a weekend with my little granddaughters.  No doubt, they have changed my life in ways I never thought possible.  Their zest for learning and exploring new things captivates me and I wish daily for their enthusiasm and passion. Kids are our hope and zeal for living.  They see things through eyes of excitement and exhilaration where our own eyes may have dimmed with the struggles of life.

 In this Christmas season remember you are making memories.  Memories will hold and sustain you in your old age.  It is memories you will hold near and dear to your heart when everything else is lost and faded away.  It is the recollections of the days gone by that will come to mind when you cannot capture, focus or remember anything else.

Life goes by in a whirlwind.  As I watched and played with my granddaughters I also thought about my mother.  I miss her horribly. As her health declined she remembered her family and raising her kids.  As she declined, her day-to-day memory was disjointed and distorted but the things she remembered from her past were intact.  She reminisced about being a kid, a teen, a young mother and wife. The things she could not remember from moment to moment were irrelevant.  She lived her last years in the memories of days gone by.

You are making memories today.  Each moment is fleeting never to return again.  The time spent with family and friends, the activities, the events that mark your life are important.  The actions you take today and how you spend it will be the ones you treasure in your old age. 

I don’t think we focus on getting older.  We are like my little granddaughters captured by a world of curiosity, learning new things and ideas.  Somewhere along the way we subtly find ourselves older. Suddenly, we are the adult, the parent, the grandparent, and the senior.  It is the transition of life. 

Go make some memories today.  Embrace all God has given you and share in the delight he calls life.  Love someone, hug someone, share and listen and care about others.  Make a memory that will live in your heart forever. Cuddle and squeeze those you care about, meet a stranger and change their life.  Clinch and capture the moment so it lives in perpetuity.

We are all busy.  There are never enough hours.  However, memories, relationships and love are most important.  Take a moment in time.  Embrace the wait and make it matter.  It won’t occur again.

God has you waiting for a reason. Perhaps, the wait is to protect you, to bless you, to love you, to visit with you or to change you.  You can hurry all you want but at some point you will wait.  In that moment when you pause things will suddenly become clear. Use that wait to make a memory.

If you must, hurry and get to your next meeting but don’t curse the wait.  It’s there for a reason.

Melinda Clements is an E-T community columnist. She can be reached at