There is a treasure trove of information on the Internet about how to help businesses become more influential on social media platforms. However it does not take a lot of information to know how to become an influencer. Here are a couple of helpful tips to improve your social media presence.

The six questions you should ask yourself before making a social media post or advertisement: who, what, when, where, why, and how? Keep in mind the format of the questions change depending on the specific product/service and utilized platform(s) of the organization. For example, if I were to sell a dress on Facebook and someone liked/shared the post I would want to know who looked at it, what age group they are in, their location, what time of year it is, what social media platform did they see it/share it, etc.

When all the information is collected, I can make use of it to make calculated assumptions. With the continued dress example, research would lead me to a mid twenties woman, looking for a dress, who happens to be graduating from Tarleton this May. With this knowledge, I would begin a conversation on the original post informing her directly about my Tarleton student fifteen percent discount she can use to purchase the dress. She would then respond with appreciation or maybe ask for other color options of the dress. This is when the influence is ignited and you then know that you made a significant impact.

Secondly, in regards to post frequency, with all the free and affordable marketing available sometimes businesses get excited and share too many advertisements. This is a fast track to being ignored, unnoticed or unfollowed due to too much information. Campaigns should be managed with purpose and care. They should be created and scheduled with a strong intent about the message of the promotion. The organized distribution will also assist in controlling the preferred audience and promoting a higher, positive interaction. This will also positively place a company’s brand name among viewers in general.

Being a social media influencer is one of the strongest ways you can improve your business in 2018. However, businesses today need to be more understanding at just how effective their influence actually is. It takes research, interaction, feedback, and continued involvement. Asking yourself the six questions and having control on post frequency will provide positive results overall.

Fisher Rinderknecht is the founder and creative director of Flight Reach Productions. He can be reached at