Measurement is something humanity does as a norm. We measure distance, time, space, and even use it in comparison of projects and competitions; normally classified as criteria.

Criteria by definition is a principle/standard in which something can be judged. Having criteria on projects and decisions made by businesses is critical in both the success and growth of the company. It is old news that measurement will always be important when it comes to a businesses’ daily life. Unfortunately, some business owners and entrepreneurs can accidently focus more on measuring finances rather than an equal distribution to quality of services and products and how promotional messages are being sent out.

There needs to be a healthy balance among the different segments of a venture.

If the quality of services and the delivered message to the audiences are not cared for, the businesses presence will diminish swiftly. A couple of ideas on how to measure the marketing and services are with surveys and social media monitoring. Surveys and social media monitoring are two direct sources of collected information that will help both service and product quality and where promotional messages end up.

Surveys need to be created with a distinct purpose for the business. If a business needs to know where their promotions are ending up, then the survey will need to be conducted to ask questions geared towards that purpose alone. For example: Please specify where you heard about us. Using open ended questions results in detailed content rather than a simple yes or no response. This method helps audiences feel heard about their experience(s). It also helps businesses receive honest, critical, and primary information about what is happening with their attributes from within the company.

Social media monitoring encourages customers to contribute their ideas for the business to incorporate. Social media monitoring for small businesses can be focused on a specific social media platform or blog response on a website. Situational example: A local candy store recently conducted a survey to learn about customer experiences from an in-store visit in the last two months. The majority of the surveys were negative. The candy store decided to make a YouTube video (their most used social media presence), to apologize to customers and to encourage feedback from those who opted out of the survey. This will help determine the most problematic situation in the local candy store. With this knowledge the candy store will conduct a plan to fix what is dissuading customers from the store.

Surveys and social media monitoring help businesses set a criteria (measurement) on how branches of a company should be conducted. It is important for businesses to have a relationship with their audiences where they feel they have a voice. Interactive audiences contribute a lot in the success and growth of business.

Therefore, their experience should be encouraged, heard and responded to. Most importantly their ideas should be implemented, not ignored; interactive audiences are the judges who set the criteria for a business’s overall health.

Fisher Rinderknecht is the founder and creative director of Flight Reach Productions. He is also a member of the E-T’s community columnists. He can be reached at