Over the past few weeks I have spent some time thinking about how we got here. How is it that our nation now finds itself in the situation of needing to be restored to its founding principles? Was there a particular event, a milestone along the way, which reveals where we began to head in the wrong direction? In my own mind, I have decided the answer is not quite that simple.  

There is a story in the book of Matthew concerning a landowner who had planted a wheat field. When the grain began to grow it was discovered that the field also contained tares. These tares look like wheat, but the fruit is not good to eat. Some varieties of these tares are even said to be poisonous. The question is asked, “How did this happen?” The answer - while the good men slept tares were sown among the wheat.

We can probably look back on certain events in our country and see where those specific circumstances caused a slight shift in our direction. Yet I do not think that we can say that any one particular event is what has resulted in the need for this major course correction.

I believe that the key issue is that while the good men were sleeping, tares have been sown among the wheat. A small and very vocal minority in our country has been allowed to override the will of the majority in our nation. Whether it is prayer in school, the removal of the Ten Commandments from public display, or even the more recent attacks on our Second Amendment right, the changes that we have allowed have happened progressively over a period of time. There is no way that we would have allowed these changes had they been attempted all at once, yet slowly and imperceptibly they have begun to occur.

While the good men may not have been physically asleep during these events, we have been essentially so. When we fool ourselves into believing that these things can never happen here, and then choose to do nothing about it, the only thing remaining is to awake to see that they already have.

The most dangerous thing that can happen to any nation is when the good people of the majority become complacent and allow the minority to be successful in their quest to tear down the very foundations upon which its freedoms were built. Our nation was founded upon the Word of God, the Constitution, and a flag-waving, heart-pounding belief that together we can do anything.         

Patrick Henry said, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” It is time for the good people of this nation to stir ourselves from sleep and run to the defense of our nation and our freedoms.

God Bless America!                                          

Chance Erwin is a Christian husband, father, Marine, patriot, citizen and Renaissance Redneck. He can be reached at 5erwins2011@gmail.com.