For a while now, I’ve wanted a new wreath to hang on my front door. I have lots of friends whose homes look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens or Magnolia Market, and I’m a little envious. But when it comes to home décor, I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Those wreaths that take my breath away? Their price tags make me gasp. And the wreaths I can afford? Well, if I can afford it, what’s the point?

I’m cheap. Or poor. Or both.

So I did what any thrifty, creative person in my position would do. I watched wreath-making videos on YouTube. Hours and hours of them. I can now tell you how to make a wreath out of ribbons, rags, and even one of those Styrofoam pool noodles!

After I felt I had a pretty good grip on how to put together my dream wreath, I went shopping for supplies. First stop, Dollar Tree. Next stop, Wal-Mart. Final stop, the craft bucket in the furthest, darkest corner of my closet with all the yards of leftover ribbon I thought I’d use someday but never did, because really, I’m not nearly as clever and crafty in real life as I am in my imagination. I had some serious doubts about my ability to make anything I’d be proud to hang on my front door, but I bravely pressed forward into Martha Stewart world.

Soon, the coffee table in my living room resembled a Hobby Lobby clearance rack because, what better time to watch a Hallmark movie than while you’re making a wreath? Duh. 

Inch by inch, yard by yard, I weaved (wove?) the Wal-Mart ribbon in and out of the wire wreath form, attaching it with the fuzzy Dollar Tree pipe cleaner. Halfway through the form, I ran out of ribbon. Right smack-dab in the middle of the movie. Good thing all those Hallmark shows end pretty much the same way, because I was determined to finish that project that night.

Back to Wal-Mart I went. This time I found some pretty, glittery pumpkins, so I bought them too. When I finally completed the wreath base, I started adding the fancy ribbon from my craft box. Six hours, a few sparkly vegetables and a couple of bows later, voila! I had my dream wreath. It really is beautiful.

Please don’t ask how much I spent on supplies, though. I would’ve been better off just buying a ready-made wreath. But here’s the thing: that whole experience reminded me that I really can do anything I set my mind to. It may take some time. I may have to learn a few things before I see much progress. And I may not get it right on my first attempt. But if I make up my mind to do something, there’s no stopping me.

Except if I make up my mind to be a first-draft pick for an NBA team, my height may stop me. And my age. But anything else on my bucket list? There’s no reason I can’t do it.

Earn my next degree? Check. Lose 20 pounds? Piece of cake. (Okay, maybe the cake isn’t a good idea for that particular goal.) But with hard work and determination, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. If you don’t believe me, just come look at my front door.

Renae Brumbaugh Green is a bestselling author and award-winning humor columnist. She lives in Stephenville with her handsome, country-boy husband, nearly-perfect children, and far too many animals. Connect with Renae at