May is National Asparagus Month. It’s true! Since at least 1985, and maybe longer, National Asparagus Month has been a thing. If you’re an asparagus skeptic like I am, now’s the time to push aside your prejudice and give it a try. After all, any vegetable that emerges from the ground shaped like a Lord-of-the-Rings weapon can’t be all bad.

Did you know asparagus is part of the lily family? And that it’s piled with potassium, which lowers blood pressure and prevents stroke? Next time you want to love on your sweetie, give him or her a big ol’ bow-tied bouquet of asparagus spears.

I’ve actually written an article about asparagus before, and I didn’t even know it had its own month. Like in “The Godfather,” I didn’t know who I was with. Shame on me. So here, in honor of National Asparagus Month, I will share the proper way to prepare asparagus so it’s not a nasty, mushy mess.

Take the spear in your hand and bend it until it breaks. Don’t force it; just bend and it will snap in two. Then throw the tough ends in the trash and keep the furry, speary end. Or if you have chickens, you can throw the tough part in the pen. They’ll eat anything. (Chickens and teenage boys have a lot in common that way, but I digress.)

Once you’ve broken all their pretty little spines (did I mention this is also a great way to deal with pent-up aggression issues?) you drizzle them with olive oil and a hint of salt. Next, throw them in a frying pan and sear them on one side, then the other until they’re crisp-tender. That’s it. They’re done. And once you try them prepared this way, you’ll understand why they ended up with their own month. This mind-boggling deliciousness all hinges on bending it, breaking it, and throwing away the tough part.

Sometimes I feel like God is bending me too far. Sometimes it feels like He’s trying to break me, and I don’t want to be broken. I have to remind myself pretty often that it’s not His intention to bust me beyond repair. When He allows me to get to the breaking point, it’s simply because He wants to set me free from the useless, tough things in my life. He wants only the sweet, crisp part to remain.

Though I question Him at times, I know God is a brilliant chef. He wants to create a masterpiece of my life and yours. He knows what He’s doing, and if we let Him, He’ll make something heavenly of our time on earth. Before we know it, we’ll look around and realize that the tough parts only weighed us down and kept us from reaching our full potential. But we’ll only get to that place if we trust Him completely, and allow Him to take us to the breaking point.

Renae Brumbaugh Green is a bestselling author and award-winning humor columnist. She lives in Stephenville with her handsome, country-boy husband, nearly-perfect children, and far too many animals. Connect with Renae at