Oh, dear. It sounds as if someone isn’t planning to “be best.”

President Trump just announced he will “live tweet” the Democratic Party’s first candidates’ debate on Thursday. I’m imagining this isn’t going to sit well with wifey Melania, whose First Lady platform is urging us all to stop with the cyberbullying.

What can I say, Mel? Be Best begins at home.

This may be the only time I’ve felt even a smidgen of sympathy for Melania Trump. Undercutting everything her handlers have told her to recite unsmilingly for months now, her own husband is betraying her.

Who would’ve thought? Oh, wow. Everyone.

It’s possible Trump means to only offer constructive comments via live tweet during the debate. I know. I crack myself up.

Now Trumpers, you gotta admit, if Obama had announced such a plan, y’all would be mad as a mule chewing bumblebees. How dare he?!?

Trump’s unwelcome presence via tweet is, I believe, a way he can make the Dem’s debate all about him. If the ratings are good, he will claim it was because he was live-tweeting and everyone was interested in his responses. If the ratings are lackluster, he’ll say it was because everyone knew they could just read his tweets instead.

I may have overthought this.

It’s true that, as one Trump supporter wrote me recently: “It would appear that President Trump lives rent-free in your head.” I think this was meant to be a snappy put-down but, honestly, I think it’s a compliment. How very like a good liberal to offer safe, affordable housing to someone who is clearly a danger to himself and others.

But I digress. This debate hijacking will be fun for the MAGA crowd but even they must be a little weary of unpresidential behavior. Yeah, they SAY they love it when he “goes rogue” or “tells it like it is” or “praises racists and murderous dictators” but I suspect it sucks the soul a little more than they want us to know.

Now a word to my fellow Dems. This is serious. Let’s try, just this once, not to shoot ourselves in not only the foot but also manage to mangle our lower calf all the way up to the knee.

What do I mean? You know perfectly well. Stop yakking about letting terrorists vote in prison because that’s, frankly, insane. Ditto the whole free college education in every pot. Instead, do like I— and millions of others did — and enroll in awesomely affordable community college. It ain’t so bad and you might just end up with a good j-o-b.

We need to focus on working with mine enemies to develop a bipartisan plan for affordable health care for all, improving the abominable wage gap and getting serious about climate change. Trump will be live-toddler-tweeting throughout but I’m hoping the media doesn’t take the debate bait. Or maybe they could just treat him like they do those mass shooters and refuse to identify him by name. He’d hate that.

Celia Rivenbark is a NYT-bestselling author and columnist. Visit www.celiarivenbark.com.