Baby, it’s cold outside, but in Wisconsin, football fans are steaming.

They’re blaming Vice President Mike Pence for “jinxing” the Green Bay Packers, who took a drubbing from the San Francisco, 49ers in Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

It seems that while campaigning in Milwaukee last week, Pence urged the Packers to defeat “Nancy Pelosi’s 49ers.”


Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike.

It isn’t the first time Pence has misused the game. In 2017, he blew $325,000 of your money by staging a phony-baloney, made-for-POTUS walkout during an Indianapolis Colts-49ers game, after some San Francisco players knelt during the national anthem.

Like a bank robber

To be fair, politics and sports always have fed one another. It isn’t Pence’s fault the 49ers have resurrected themselves from the dead by hiring Kyle Shanahan (who should be coaching the Cleveland Browns) and assembled a Murderers’ Row defense that includes Ohio State’s Nick Bosa, who is an ardent fan of the president.

But someone should have watched a previous game and warned him.

Nor can Pence be blamed for the Packers’ inability to stop 49ers’ running back Raheem Mostert, who ran in Sunday’s game like a bank robber.

More likely, the vice president just spouted a line written for him by some staffer.

It probably sounded cool at the time.

Anyone who follows sports knows that when your team blows a chance to get into the Super Bowl, you have to blame someone.

Pence is as good a scapegoat as any, given that Pelosi has been running circles around the White House like, well, Raheem Mostert.

When it comes to sports jinxes, logic has nothing to do with it. Though he might be approaching his sell-by date, Packers fans aren’t about to blame their beloved quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Who better to finger as the culprit than some celebrity outsider who tried to use the game to his advantage?

Pence might as well be one of the Kardashians, who have jinxed more jocks than Medusa.

If you’re thinking that, surely, the Cheese Heads won’t remain resentful and petty come November, here are two words: Art Modell.

In Northeast Ohio, the children of Browns fans are taught to despise a man who died before they were born.

Because Ohio is a must-win state, we know to expect visits by presidential candidates and their acolytes.

Mr. Vice President, you’re more than welcome to visit Cincinnati and cheer on the Reds and Bengals.

Feel free to bypass Cleveland.

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