The past four years The Proud of Texas Pod CASI has been hosting Chili and BBQ competitions in Glen Rose from Big Rocks BBQ & Chili Cook Off,  Proud of Texas Pod Automatic Qualifying Cook Off, and US National Open Chili Championship twice. 

For the most part, without major issues until this year. 

The city suspended Chip Joslin two days after The US National Open. 

We feel the city used our event as a means to terminate Mr. Joslin by claiming he was acting inappropriately and unethically. Both claims, in our opinion, are untrue. 

At no time did anyone in our organization witness any such behavior. We were outraged by the city’s allegations and we want to know why the city had not contacted our organization to inquire. 

Several cookers wrote letters to Michael Leamons stating that no such behavior had been witnessed. These letters were also sent to Mr. Joslin. On 2-13-20 we were informed that Mr.Joslin had been terminated and a hearing was scheduled for Monday (2-17). 

Two members of our organization made the trip. This “hearing” was the most unprofessional, one-sided hearing we have ever been to.  

The city was able to produce their evidence and witnesses, however, Mr. Joslin was only given 10 minutes to present his documentation and witnesses. 

Why were our letters sent to Mr. Leamons not given to City Council prior to this hearing? The mayor made a decision to terminate Mr. Joslin and simply walked out of the hearing even though other members of the City Council wanted time to go over the documentation that Mr. Joslin had presented to them. 

We have asked to be put on the agenda in the past and we were denied multiple times for issues in the past. While we gave a year's notice that we will not be holding our cookoff at Oakdale Park next year, the cooks who made reservations before they left are being charged a $20 cancellation fee.  

If it was only a few months away then we can see the need for a cancellation fee.

The chili cookoffs have benefited Glen Rose charities as well as money spent while cookers are in town. We hope that something can be done to make the city more event friendly in the future.

Dianne Stimson and Donna Conrad,