Recently, the city’s administration was called upon to respond to some complaints generated by Oakdale Park employees. Those complaints were investigated. Signed statements were obtained from witnesses. The matter was then handled pursuant to the city’s personnel policy. 

It’s regrettable that the chili and BBQ cookoff which has become an Oakdale Park tradition is being relocated to another venue due to the city addressing internal personnel matters. The cookoff is a festive event that has been well supported by city staff during its time at Oakdale. 

Last year, the cookoff organizers made an agreement with the city setting the rates and ground rules for the next two cookoffs, including a $20 cancellation fee. That fee is part of City Council approved policies for Oakdale Park. It takes time to make a reservation. It takes time to cancel a reservation. Paperwork is generated. Credit card transaction fees are incurred. The cancellation fee was adopted to cover the costs associated with the above actions. 

After the agreement was made, the City Council increased the cancellation fee from $20 to $25. 

However, since the agreement calls for a $20 cancellation fee, that is what is being charged. It is my understanding that the chili and BBQ cookoff will still be held in Glen Rose. I hope next year’s event is as successful as those of past years.


Michael Leamons

City Administrator