To the editor,

My name is Carol Sue Oldenburg (most people call me Sue) and I would like to represent you on the City Council of Glen Rose. I am 70 years old and have been married to my husband Patrick (Pat) for 52 years. We reside at 609 Nancy (the corner of Mary Lynn and Nancy) for about 1-1/2 years. Our neighbors see us walking with our baby, a 100-pound German Shepherd, Sasha, our gentle giant. We had spent the previous 3 years from October-April as hosts at Dinosaur Valley State Park. Every year we visited we grew to enjoy Glen Rose more and more. The people are friendly, the merchantís helpful, courteous and knowledgeable, making shopping enjoyable. We wanted to escape the harsh Minnesota winters and made the decision to move to Glen Rose.

Pat and I owned and operate our own business for 22 years. I was employed at Lake City State Bank for 23 years as Customer Service Supervisor (now Alliance Bank). I was clerk of Lake Township for 13 years where we dealt with road maintenance and repair, developers both commercial and residential, normal budget problems and set up the elections for the township and county. I was also active in the Lake City Medical Centers Hospital Auxiliary, a satellite of Mayo Health Systems. As we lived outside the city limits of Lake City, we were not able to vote in city elections but we stayed current on the issues. I realize that I have a lot more to learn about Glen Rose, its future and problems. I will depend on you the residents to help me learn. I have always felt that an elected official needs to know what the residents want, representing them and voting that way. If you have any questions, you may call me at 254-898-0735.

Thank you,

Carol (Sue) Oldenburg

Glen Rose