First, I am disappointed in the sensationalism involving the sign recently installed in the downtown business district. How nice to have everyone talking about your business.

Resolution for this issue should be found in the Code Book, not Facebook. Downtown businesses are in the B3 Zoning District. According to Section 153.24 of City Code, Free Standing signs are allowed with the following restrictions.

1. The sign shall not exceed 50 square feet. (One doesn’t need a tape measure to determine the contested sign far exceeds this clause.)

2. In no case shall sign height exceed 15 feet. (Hmm, it looks close; the sign just might comply on this matter.)

3. Setback. Sign setbacks shall be a minimum of 10 feet from property line. (Oops, this sign is not even “on” the owner’s property as the sign is over a city street, albeit an unused street.)

Why does one business not have to comply with the same restrictions as all other downtown businesses? I’m sure others would like a billboard type sign for their establishment. How would our square look then?

Allowing this super-sized sign to remain until the Glen Rose City Council and/or Board of Adjustments reviews the matter gives this business an unfair advantage — all tourist-season long.

Karen Richardson

Glen Rose

P.S. Applicants for a variance should own the land where the variance is requested.