Whitney White-Ashley

Ok, so that’s not really the title of the 1982 cult classic movie, but the last few weeks have certainly felt like strange times to me.

Last October, I was somewhat blind-sided by the rush and frenzy of attention that followed the heels of unidentified objects spotted in the night skies. I was the “newbie” reporter tasked with fielding the calls, handling the military and writing the stories.

Just a few hours into my new beat, I received a call from Jim Douglas - a fellow reporter from WFAA. He was hoping to interview this small town writer to find out how people were dealing with what was now a well known occurrence in our small part of the world.

I agreed, under duress, to do the on-air interview and cringed when I made it home in time to catch the 10 o’clock news after a blood bath day. I even did an on-air radio interview in the Dallas market. But I quietly and politely tried to deflect further requests for interviews.

I was asked again about those sightings when Glen Rose residents reported their own recent close encounter. Do I think the two could be related or connected?

I don’t know, but it does seem coincidental, doesn’t it? However, my time as a soldier in the U.S. Army and as a local reporter has taught me there are very few true coincidences. I have also learned a healthy dose of skepticism and open mindedness go hand in hand when dealing with such situations.

I also know that the natural world is filled with odd and unusual occurrences. Alien creatures that have lived undiscovered, in the vastness of the ocean. Galaxies that have been forming for unimaginable stretches of time. I only know enough to know I don’t know much at all.

So, I will, along with the rest of our community, be waiting with bated breath while the newest Somervell County discovery is researched, analyzed and documented.

In the meantime, you can reach me at the office by calling 897-2282 or e-mail news@theglenrosereporter.com if you see anything twinkling in the sky or notice something crashing into your backyard.