For those skeptics who don’t think their votes count, take a look at what happened last November when a group of people fed up with the status quo banded together and started a movement that changed the face of Congress.

The so-called Tea Party rallied voters and was instrumental in tossing out more entrenched incumbents and voting in more freshmen legislators than has occurred in decades. The veteran Democratic congressman who represented Somervell County, Chet Edwards, was among the political casualties.

Glen Rose voters have two important elections this Saturday - city elections for mayor and city council positions and school elections for Glen Rose ISD board of trustees. Regardless of whom you vote for, getting out and voting DOES make a difference in the direction of this city and school board for the next several years. That's especially true in a small town where every vote truly counts.

There are plenty of good reasons to vote this Saturday.

Changes and challenges are coming and it will take experienced people to prepare for and respond to them. Glen Rose is growing and no doubt will keep it up. How to handle that growth will be among the significant issues confronting city leaders.

Glen Rose ISD faces financial challenges as state legislators grapple with a daunting budget deficit and are looking at “property wealthy” school districts such as the one here to contribute possibly even more to the state. The Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, not the mansions of the wealthy, has given the district a huge source of tax revenues that some legislators are eager to get their hands on.

What many of them don't realize Yet almost half of the Glen Rose ISD’s students are below the federal poverty line. It’s a unique district in a unique situation and will take smart, dedicate board members to keep the district moving ahead in the face of shrinking revenues and yet rising accountability standards.

Chris Bryant, Lila Carter, Jean King, Dennis Moore, Tom Osborn, Sandra Ramsay and Bob Stricklin have all put their names on the line for the city election and Marilyn Phillips, Kelley Snodgrass, Andy Snow and Rick Villa have put their names on the line for the school board. They all deserve each voter’s consideration. After all, they aren’t just sitting on the sidelines complaining, they’re trying to do something about their city and school district.