Dear Editor:

This was my first time that I participated in this beautiful event. It was very well organized, the stations were very well stocked. Your volunteers were very accommodating and very friendly. Highly customer-focused.

No matter where I went, at the registration, or getting some drinks prior to the ride, or going inside where someone offered a warm cup of coffee., or at the stations during the ride, all was very well. I was so impressed by the patrols that covered the ride and the police that stopped traffic at intersections. No matter how many bike riders came through, cars had to stop.

The community certainly embraced this event and as a rider I truly appreciated their commitment and healthy involvement. Oh… it was so nice to receive a momentum on top of the wall as the Boy Scouts passed it to us riders.Thank you all and I will be back.

Hans Stallmann

Dear Editor:

WOW! This was the fourth time I have done the Paluxy Pedal Bike Ride. What A GREAT JOB ya’ll did!!!!!!

I have been doing bicycle road rides for over 18 years, and this was by far the best thought-out, best-supported event I ever attended. Each year I bring more friends and all are suitably impressed.

Thank you for the safety considerations you have planned in your ride. The start of the ride (45 milers behind the others), the use of as many county roads as possible and the number of volunteers out on the route are all a testimony to your safety concerns

I am most impressed, however, with the traffic control on the two crossings of Hwy 67. These crossings are very difficult on a bike and very dangerous due not only to the fast car traffic, but also the terrain. Crossing on CR 1013 necessitates an uphill start with limited visibility, making the crossing extremely dangerous. Crossing on FM 205 is downhill, making it difficult to brake abruptly should the need arise. PLEASE thank the law enforcement officials involved for their very excellent support of these crossings!!!!!!!!!

All the rest stops were well supplied with supplies and very friendly folks. The terrain as always was beautiful (although we are all praying for water, I know) and very challenging. Ya’ll even had great weather with almost no wind this year! A GREAT JOB!!!

I was thrilled, too, that the Bluegrass Festival was also that weekend. he music was very high-quality and how fun to sit and listen to great music and relax after the ride. I so hope that the festival coincides with the ride next year! If I could, I would travel to Glen Rose next weekend for the GospelGrass Festival as well.

Thank you for your attention to detail that made this such a safe and enjoyable ride!

Liz King