My family and I had our lives rocked suddenly with the series of events on Sunday, Dec. 19, which ultimately led to the passing of our Robbie Lee from here to heaven.

Lord willing, my next installment will be geared toward sharing more about Robbie. This week I want to try to express, in a very small way, our deep gratitude and appreciation for all that has been done for us these past two weeks.

First and foremost, I want to thank my God for the non-ending grace and peace that is, and has been, so evident in the life of my family and me these past two weeks.

“Thank you” to my incredible church family at Cornerstone. I’m continually amazed at how God loves through you. I’m so glad you allow Him to do so. I love you all. Much.

“Thank you” to all of our friends — those here in Glen Rose and those who are scattered across Texas and the states. Your every prayer, your every act of kindness, your every word of encouragement to/for me and my family is greatly appreciated.

“Thank you” to the Glen Rose Schools for allowing us to use the auditorium for Robbie’s service. Obviously, there was no other facility in town better suited for our needs. And “thank you” to those of the school staff who gave of their holiday vacation time to help with all the details before, during, and after the service. Your sprit of servant-hood was a huge help to us and we are very grateful.

“Thank you” to my friends at The Reporter for keeping our readers informed of what was going on in the life of my family, for making folks aware of Rob’s service information and for blessing me so richly with a place to share my thoughts. More than you can know, I’m grateful.

As I said at the beginning of Robbie’s service, “I used to dream of being rich. Then I woke and realized I was.” Don’t have much money in the bank, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m one rich man!

Let me, in closing, encourage you to consider your life. We don’t get life a day at a time; we get it a breath at a time. I would urge you, first, to be sure that you are right with God. Your eternity hinges on that. So does your hope of a life with purpose here.

Then I would encourage you to consider your relationship with others in your life. God’s Word tells us, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18)

You and I aren’t responsible for the decisions of others, but we are responsible for ours. And, by all means, love your family and make sure there are no doubts in their minds that you do. I’m now a member of the group that realizes, more than ever, that life can change in a hurry.

God bless.

Randy McLelland, a.k.a. Randy Mac, is senior pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church on FM 202. He plays the role of “Grandpa” in The Promise and, through his “Livin’ It Up” ministries, is a motivational speaker and Christian entertainer. He can be reached at or 817-454-3386; his Web site address is