Well, folks, the big-time spenders are clawing at our wallets again!

I note that the upcoming $20 million school bond election is proposed for construction of another gym, band hall, equipment and other stuff. In my opinion, few or none of these dollars will be spent to prepare our students for future jobs or leadership.

We seem to forget that the principle goal of public education must be to prepare our students for their futures and not on gyms, band halls and exercise equipment, which contribute little, if any, to their preparation.

This observation comes not from a sports hater, but from someone who lettered three times in basketball and track at a sizable high school and one year in a major university in track.

When I was a school trustee a few years ago, we spent millions of dollars on facilities with the idea that those expenditures should suffice for several years.

However, a new superintendent came to town and, seeing the available bond funds, could not wait to spend all of the funds—several million dollars.

Now, this superintendent is seeking another $20 million for something we do not need, but maybe is just a “want.”

Make no mistake, whatever is said in favor of the bonds, remember that the principal and interest (probably at least $30 million) will come out of the pockets of taxpayers of this county—you and me!

There will be no payments on this debt coming from the State of Texas or any other source. What will happen if the superintendent moves elsewhere? We taxpayers will be left with the burden as the superintendent leaves “scot-free.”

One more note - Election Day is May 8 at the Glen Rose Town Hall - not at the school administration building. However, early voting is at the administration building and at specific times at the elementary school, the intermediate school and the high school. Is the early voting at the schools the administration’s way of making it convenient for the teachers to vote as instructed?

We must send a strong message to this administration that this is too much tax money applied to the purchase of things we do not need!

Please join me in voting “no” to this unnecessary project and related debt!

Charles R. (Charley) Thomas Sr.

Glen Rose