Charlie Thomas

Wow, folks! I have always heard not to disagree with anyone who buys ink by the barrel. I may be dangerous now that I’ve been provided with a half-pint of the black liquid. But I will start out with the very subject I know most about - food!

I try to buy locally as much as I can and restaurants are a good first choice.

There are several new ones that are worth trying - even you hometown folks who expect “Mama” to have dinner on the table each day at 6 p m. Yep, you are missing some good eatin’.

Choose from Three Rivers, River House, Storiebook, Green Pickle or some other new ones.

There are always those old standbys like Anderson’s, Juliany’s, Big Cup, Chachi’s, Debbie’s, Ranch House, Dairy Queen, Loco Coyote, Donna K’s, Hammonds, Subway, and others Fran and I  frequent. I left some good’uns out, but the drool was getting on my keyboard. We are indeed fortunate to have so many good eating places.

As a bonus, you’ll see your friends there and have an opportunity to “catch up.” These merchants and others deserve our support and their folks need generous tips. We all “gotta” survive.

It’s even possible to “get points” with Mama (though in rare instances it may be Dad) if she gets the night off occasionally. Besides you won’t have to wash dishes!

I always wanted to be a “pool boy,” but wound up as just a busboy!

Take a deep breath and consider “the rest of this story”:

First on the agenda is how much debt the taxpayers are willing to support. In other words - how many dollars of taxes are you willing to pay and for what?

When I look at the following, I shake my head and shudder.

The county had basically no debt until Certificates of Obligation of $14,500,000 were issued to fund the hospital addition.

The school district has added millions of dollars to its debt in the last three or four years and now owes $12,595,000.

The city is going into debt totaling, I believe, about $3,000,000 for the 4-B Tax projects or whatever amount the city council decides.

The Water District has plans to spend $100,000,000 in total by the time its projects are complete.

When you put all of this debt together it totals about $130,000,000 or about $18,000 for each man, woman, and child in this county. Put that on the credit card of a family of four and “ca-ching,” that is about $72,000 per family. If this doesn’t get your attention, remember that interest is not even included in these numbers. These are “Obama-type” numbers!

When will we en masse wake up to the difficult fact that we are not a major, fast-growing city and cannot support this much debt? What if, God forbid, the two new nuclear units are never built and, instead, one or both of the present units are required to be closed. If these facts are “alarmist” then I accept the title.

While you think that over, ponder this:

Why are “Venetian blinds” called “Venetian blinds” and “Roman shades” called “Roman shades?”

The thoughts and opinions are my own and are not endorsed by this newspaper or anyone - even my wife and kids! 

Charlie Thomas is a resident of Glen Rose and a local businessman. His column, From My Alleged Mind, will appear monthly in the Glen Rose Reporter.