To the editor,

In researching the use of 4B tax projects and studying the guidelines of 4B tax projects and suggested uses for the collected taxes and after attending the public meeting of the Glen Rose 4B Tax Board on April 6, I am totally confused. Little of what I heard discussed at the meeting meets the criteria that I find on the state guidelines. I went to the City to request a copy of the public poll which was recently distributed. I did not receive one nor did I see one in the newspapers. I wanted my vote to count with rest of the public if we should have a water park paid for by our 4B Tax funds. City Hall said they had not issued such a poll and had not requested it be returned to City Hall. I then inquired if maybe the 4B Tax Board had issued the public poll. They said the Board had not issued such a poll. Now this leaves me with a question “Why was the poll even presented to those present at the Public 4B Tax meeting on Monday if it had not been issued by either the City of Glen Rose or the 4B Tax Board?” It sounded to the public as if it had come from the City or the 4B Board. They read the results like it was official, although the figures were rather vague. “Who did the poll?”

The meeting was well represented by those living in various areas of the city and county. It was organized and each one who signed in had a chance to speak about something that was of interested to them. Most responded to whether a water park should be voted on that night by the 4B Tax board. Some attendees had their plans already drawn and ready to present for whatever project they endorsed. Those supporting building a water park on the hill coming into Glen Rose from Cleburne said they have worked hard for the past ten years removing the stone from the mountain on Hwy 144 and Hwy 67 to build a water park for the residents. I had thought it was to build the new Longhorn Museum, and maybe the rock was being mined for building stone buildings in other areas where they do not have rock. If we build a water park at this location perhaps it will cover the holes left from the rock removal, so that might look real nice.

Some were in favor of using the funds to complete the already “in the works” River Walk and river beautification project. Some had suggestions that Oakdale Park would be the best consideration as it would tie the River Walk together with a park and with new Olympic sized swimming pools and recreational facilities and this might be an added attraction to both visitors and local residents to use. Since this is a historic site it would keep the history of our beautiful area alive. But I think the best idea I heard that night was that we should take time to study what project would fit the needs of our community and those of us who live and play here. It was also stated we would be wise to study how other small towns had successfully used their funds and to study also those who had not spent their monies wisely. We have to consider what our City is able to provide and how it can adequately be maintained at a quality level.

I urge everyone to attend the next meeting and to make their wants, needs, and ideas known to the members of the 4B Board and I hope Board can make sure any projects selected meet the criteria set by the state. I urge everyone to take a concerned interest in any project considered and they should ask themselves how it will benefit me, my family and those who visit our area. We need consider both the plus and minus of each project and we do not need to be in a hurry to spend the $400,000. Let us consider finishing one project successfully and then wait for our next windfall.

Joan Echols Taylor