Like many local residents, I couldn’t wait to get outside last Saturday.

After a particularly cold, wet winter, the warm sunshine brought out throngs of people to the St. Patrick’s Day Festival on the downtown square, to Big Rocks Park and to the citywide garage sales.

It was the perfect weekend for all the different events going on in town. You could feel people’s spirits lifting and breathing a collective sigh of relief that the end of winter was in sight.

Last weekend the pear trees in front of Glen Lake Camp turned snowy white with flowers, while yellow daffodils, purple hyacinth and white irises unfurled their blooms. It was as if someone flipped a switch from winter to spring.   

But it all could have ended on a bad note for me if not for the kindness of strangers.

I love to go to garage and estate sales to see what deals and treasures might turn up in the heaps of unwanted possessions strewn on tables and stuffed in boxes. I also search for items to resell in my space in the Rustic Rhinestone.

I headed out to Rainbow to a sale in the Rio Vista development. “Becky’s Backroads” was painted on the side of a vintage piece of luggage.

Becky had a lot of beautiful women’s Southwestern-style clothing, antiques and other interesting things for sale. I had a big pile of items when I went to pay her. I put my wallet on a table as I counted out the cash and change.

Afterward I went to one more sale in Rainbow, then headed back to the square to take photographs for the newspaper. The festival was still going strong when I started home toward Walnut Springs.

I hadn’t been back at the ranch very long when the phone rang. I didn’t recognize the name – Gary Adams — or the voice on the line. But his wife was Becky, who’d had the sale in Rainbow.

“I think we have your wallet,” he said.

Startled, I searched in my purse. Sure enough, my black wallet was gone. I’d been out and about all afternoon and hadn’t even missed it. If I had, I’d likely have been pretty upset and wondered where I’d left it or if it had been stolen. 

Not that there was any money in it – I’d spent it all at the festival and at sales. But it’s such a hassle to have to replace a driver’s license, cancel credit and debit cards and worry about possible identify theft.

Even though my phone number wasn’t listed anywhere in the contents of my wallet, Gary had taken the time to track me down and contact me within hours to let me know where it was and that it was safe.

My husband and I drove back out to Rainbow and Gary brought out the wallet. We chatted for a while and I thanked him several times. He was a stranger no more.

After living in big cities where one hears about random acts of violence every day and gets almost anesthetized by it, I feel fortunate to live in a place where random acts of kindness are the norm. That’s not what usually makes the news. But it should.

So my candidates for the Newsmakers of the Week are Becky and Gary Adams. Thank you. You are the kind of people who make a difference in the community and who made my day.