Whitney White-Ashley

My mother talks about being in school and hearing the principal announce that President Kennedy had been shot. She said she knew she was living a moment in history.

I had much the same experience when I heard that Princess Diana had died. I can tell you exactly what I was doing, where I was, who I was with - I knew it was a historical moment.

But not all moments of history are tragic. On Tuesday, Jan. 20, our nation experienced a collective historical moment when Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president.

I must be perfectly honest and say that I did not vote for Obama, but I do recognize the magnitude of the moment.

I prefer, however, not to say, “He is our first black president.” Instead, I feel there is a greater significance in saying he is a bi-racial president. After all, doesn’t America represent the “melting pot” of all creeds and races from around the world?

What greater significance can there be? A nation, once so sharply divided, now has the opportunity to be united by a person, not of one race or the other, but of both.

During Monday’s school board meeting, I had an opportunity to talk casually with Superintendent Wayne Rotan and Doug McClure. They told me that they have been working on setting up an Internet feed to specified locations and classrooms of the inauguration.

I applaud our educators for providing students a moment to grab a piece of their own history. I’m sure our children will look back on this day as a moment they lived in history, even if they cannot remember a time before integration and widespread diversity.

So mark it down, whether you voted for Obama or not, this is a moment in history the world will remember.

Whitney White-Ashley is a staff writer for the Glen Rose Reporter. She can be reached at 897-2282.