Whitney White-Ashley

Lenten season is upon us and even if you don’t follow a particular religious calendar, this week is a good time to re-evaluate where you stand on those resolutions made just two months ago.

I must admit I’ve never been very good at holding to traditional restrictions this time of year. I always enjoy a good pancake supper but I have never really been able to stick to any dietary changes for very long. Then someone asked me about the Oscars.

(You may be asking yourself what one has to do with the other but bear with me. I’m getting to the point.)

I can’t remember when I last watched the Oscars with any sort of enthusiasm. And this year in particular, I couldn’t muster the energy to watch pampered movie stars parading around in borrowed garb and bling while they feigned sincerity.

Somehow, from the depths of the second longest recession since the 30s, all the glitz and glamour seemed a bit excessive and unnecessary.

Maybe for some it offers a nice escape - a glimpse inside the castle on the mountain. But for me, it all seemed like such a waste.

And, honestly, do you remember who won best movie last year? No? I bet a year from now you don’t remember a thing about “Slumdog Millionaire.”

I think it would have been more poignant for organizers to tone it down this year - to send out invitations marked “Sunday dress” instead of “black tie.”

They could even make a new fashion award - instead of best and worst dressed, how about “Most creative use of clearance rack items?”

I can hear Joan Rivers now - “Who are you wearing dear? Who? Oh, I know, Faded Glory. He’s a new designer. I heard he summers with Sean Combs in Prague. Is it true that J. Lo is having his baby?”

For many people, dietary restrictions this year have not been dictated by any calendar, but by the fact that they can’t eat what they can’t afford to buy. And as fortunate as many have been in our county, not all have been so fortunate.

The Somervell County Food Bank continues to serve more and more people each month. As personal budgets get tighter, donations to worthy causes grow sparse. So while you re-evaluate resolutions or if you observe Lent, think about what you are giving up or cutting out. Think about how you are choosing to make that change. And if it is something tangible that can be donated - please consider doing so.