It doesn’t matter if you live in the rocky half of Somervell County, or in the blackland dirt, or in the fine sugar sand, you’ve probably had battles with the evasive, tough mesquite tree.  I get several calls on how to control this brush species every year.  It can thrive in most areas of Somervell County and most of the western two-thirds of Texas.  However, the Brush Buster mesquite tree control program has a safe and effective way to control mesquite on small or large acreage.

The Brush Busters Individual Plant Treatment Stem Spray Method, developed by Extension Range Specialist with the Texas AgriLife Research and Texas AgriLife Extension Service,  is the most effective and economic method.  It works best on young mesquite that have few basal stems and still have smooth bark on the bottom 12 inches of the trunk or basal stem.  In addition this method can be used at any time during the year.  However, the best results have been observed during the spring-summer growing season.  A pump up hand sprayer or back pack sprayer works best in small acreage situations.

A mixture of the herbicide Remedy and diesel fuel oil or vegetable oil is the most effective for this method.  The diesel fuel acts as a coating agent to ensure good coverage and absorption.  This chart shows the Brush Busters recommended concentration of Remedy mix with diesel or vegetable oil.

Pour the required amount of herbicide into the spray container first, then add the diesel fuel or vegetable oil to obtain the desired values and mix thoroughly.

When spraying the Mesquite be sure to adjust the sprayer nozzle to deliver a narrow, cone-shaped mist.  This will help ensure a more even, precise spray and help make for a more cost-effective use of chemical.  Hold the nozzle within 1 to 2 inches of the trunk or basal stem and spray from the ground line up 12 inches in height.  Apply the mixture to all sides of the trunk almost to the point of run off.  A ConeJet 5500-X1 spray nozzle works the best.

When using any herbicide always follow label directions.  Also do not spray when the tree is wet and dense grass or weeds around the trunk or basal stems.  This reduces the effectiveness of this method.