I want to thank the citizens and families of Somervell County for the privilege of working for you over the past six years.

I want to salute and thank local officials, citizens and community leaders for the opportunity to work with you on improvements to the Glen Rose hospital and for the expansion of the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant.

These local priorities might not make national news, but if they make even a little difference for Hood County families and our state, that means a lot to me.

The strength of our democracy is that the most important voice is that of “we, the people.” I respect the voice of voters who said on November 2ndthey are ready for change in Washington, and I wish Bill Flores and his family all the best as they begin their life of public service. I will be of support to Mr. Flores in every way possible during the next six weeks of transition, and as the father of two young sons, I truly wish him success as he and his colleagues address the challenges facing our nation.

To our veterans and their families, it was the greatest, most humbling and inspiring privilege of my years in public service to get to know you. I will always be profoundly grateful for your service and sacrifice in protecting our nation and our God-given freedom.

Chet Edwards