Dear editor:

I am concerned about recent discussion of moving the Rhett Butler Memorial Monument from its present location (Hwy 67). Possible future location mentioned was Heritage Park. I have several questions: Why does it need to be moved? Was the present location legally acquired? Will the future location be a permanent home? Was Rhett Butler’s family notified and/or consulted before this decision to move the monument?

I am a close friend of Rhett’s mother and she told me that she was unaware of this development until January 3 when she was in Glen Rose. Glen Rose decided to memorialize their Hometown Hero who was killed while serving his country. She attended the unveiling, grateful for the sentiment expressed for her son’s sacrifice. This memorial is not just a pile of rocks, to be moved wherever/whenever! There is emotional investment! To be moving it without much forethought to its future is disrespectful-both to his family and friends and to Rhett’s memory. This decision to move his memorial monument may be a “done deal”. I would just request that its future home be a permanent and respectful one, deserving of the sacrifice Rhett made for his country. If this location is in Heritage Park, maybe a Veteran’s area should be designated, possibly named in Rhett Butler’s memory. Also, when the monument is moved to its future, permanent location, I feel there should be another unveiling/dedication ceremony held on a weekend when it would be more convenient for people to attend. Certainly, Rhett’s family should be consulted about the date and time of the ceremony.


Kathy Moss

Somervell County