Whitney White Ashley

I had actually written another column for this week that I decided to scrap. Instead of writing about federal government fallacies, perhaps something more locally pertinent is in order.

If you are a regular reader of the Reporter, you might have noticed that my name is often attached to articles each week. As the only regular writer for the Reporter, I often find myself dashing from an event to a meeting, or from a meeting to an interview or production meeting. Iíve gotten pretty good at balancing my schedule so that I can be at as many locations in one day as humanly possible.

But therein lies the rub.

Despite my seemingly superhuman ability to be in multiple places at once, I am, alas, only human.

Sometimes in the swirl of day-to-day happenings, I fail to catch something that my readers will most certainly call to my attention. From miscalculations to misspellings, I have been known to make mistakes and judgment calls that, no doubt, someone will find fault with.

That being said, I hope my readers know they are always welcome to talk to me about anything that appears in the Reporter.

To err is human after all, and while I do my best, I know that I canít make everyone happy every week. But if you feel like you really need to get something off your chest, I am always happy to talk and listen to what you, the reader, has to say.

Hopefully, those of you who have contacted me, have found that I am not some red headed, opinionated tyrant (yes, I do have naturally red hair). I really do bear an open mind and concern for the readership.

With that said, you can reach me via e-mail at news@theglenrosereporter.com or call me at 254-897-2282.