Kathryn Jones

Managing Editor

As I sit here at my new desk watching traffic whiz by on U.S. Highway 67, I feel a mixture of excitement and humility at the prospect of leading the news coverage of Glen Rose into a new decade.

After spending most of my career living and working in Fort Worth, Dallas and Austin, I chose to settle in Glen Rose — well, eight miles south just across the Bosque County line. But I think of Glen Rose as “my town.” I work, shop, eat, and play here.

One of my longtime gripes, however, is that I wanted to read a newspaper that better reflected the community.

Thirty years of working as a journalist have prepared me for the job ahead. I’ve written about Glen Rose for Texas Monthly, Texas Highways and Texas Journey magazines. Now I get to write about it for the readers who matter most – the people who live here.

This is what you can expect to see in these pages going forward:

• Fair and balanced coverage.

• Accuracy – and the recognition that as human beings and not robots, we make mistakes despite taking every precaution not to do so. When that happens, we will run a correction immediately.

• Respect for readers’ intelligence. Report the facts and don’t tell people what to think. Let them make up their own minds.

• No conflicts of interest or hidden agenda. Other than the ranch land in Bosque County, I own no property and have no financial interests with anyone in Glen Rose. I don’t even vote in elections that I cover.

• Well-written, informative, enlightening and, yes, sometimes even entertaining articles that will make you want to read the newspaper every week.

I also believe that an editor should be visible and accessible. You’ll see me out and about at public meetings, festivals on the square, other local events, and, of course, at Girls’ Night Out. If you have a news tip or a story suggestion, please call me at the Reporter at 897-2282 or e-mail me at news@glenrosereporter.com.

You can hold me accountable to that goal. After all, you know where I live.