Dear Editor,

I feel it is necessary to respond due to an erroneous statement and the accusation that I was manipulating an appointment for personal reasons. For the record, I was not the on the city council when it approved the $80,000 deal with the Land of the Dinosaurs and I have never been on the 4B Board or associated with the Land of the Dinosaurs. I, therefore, have no reason to be concerned about “damage control.”

I also need to point out that although I support the appointment of Peggy Busch, I was not the council member who nominated her. I do feel that Peggy will provide expertise in areas where the 4B Board is lacking, as noted in Katelyn's column last week.

No one wants to support openness in the city business more than myself. I am always willing to talk about any decisions I am involved in and provide insight into my logic for the decision. I believe that real openness will occur when all the facts from both sides are understood and reported.

Johnny Martin

Glen Rose City Council Member

Editor's Note: Kathryn Jones' column last week did not say that Martin was on the council when it approved the Land of the Dinosaurs deal or was ever on the 4B. He is correct that he was not the councilman who nominated Busch. That was Dennis Moore. Martin seconded the motion. The Reporter apologizes for the error.